May 6, 2010

Kevin Aucoin Beauty Hits StyleWeek

>Thanks to Kevin Aucoin Beauty all the faces on the runway this StyleWeek will be strikingly beautiful. All of the cosmetics used throughout the week have been generously donated for the makeup artists to use. The company named after its late creator, (Aucoin passed away in 2002), has been continually recognized as an innovative and high-quality makeup brand- a la a reoccurring nominee on Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty Awards. Aucoin’s legacy is that of a best-selling author, beauty entrepreneur and artist sans the acrylics paints. The company follows Aucoin’sfashions fade but style is eternal. three principles: sophistication, classic beauty and elegance. Moreover, in the word’s of the brand’s creator- “remember, anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Thus, it only seems natural that the cosmetics used on the runways this June is that of elegance, beauty and sophistication, because,

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