January 31, 2011

StyleWeek's Monday Beauty Blog- Sam Mendoza's Look

So this is the first of a series of blog posts I will be writing about the makeup of StyleWeek Providence. My name is Jessica Berndt; and I am the Director of Artistry for StyleWeek. I have the privilege of working with incredibly gifted designers and some of the most talented makeup artists in New England. All so we can present a week of world class fashion right here in Providence Rhode Island.
About three months before the shows, I contact the designers and request their inspirations, themes, and ideas regarding the hair and makeup for their shows. By now I already have my team of artists assembled and a color sponsor in place. This past January we were SO very fortunate to have Laura Mercier Cosmetics provide all the makeup for the weeks shows.
The designers are generally VERY busy working on their collections and so sometimes it can be challenging to get in touch with them. This is why I start contacting them months in advance.
Once they send me their requests I send the hair requests to our brilliant hair team, Lead Stylist-Bethany Mechan and Creative Supervisor-Lulu Locks. They then start to weave their magic and make the designers hair dreams a reality.
I then will go over the designers makeup requests and start working out how to create these looks with the products provided by our sponsors. This January I had the inside advantage of having the pleasure of working for Laura Mercier for many years and knowing the line very well.
I then create my first drafts of the designers requested looks using my own face. I will photograph them and send the images to the designers. Sometimes I get it on the first try. Other times, I need to make adjustments, deeper shade of blush, shinier lip, whatever it takes. 
Each week I will tell you about the creative process behind one of the designers looks from this past StyleWeek.  This week I will tell you about Sam Mendoza’s look.
Sam is a designer whose work I love, and whose taste in makeup really speaks to me. Plus I just really like him. He is just a very sweet and funny man, with really great taste. When I asked him what he wanted his makeup to look like, he told me “This girl is in the country in the snow living out a romantic affair and she should look clean, fresh, and as if she's just stepped away from a cozy fire. Maybe flushed cheeks? I like the idea of ‘wine stained lips.’ What do you do when it's cold: drink red wine.” I was actually excited to play with this look! I immediately had ideas spinning in my head.
This look really is simple but so pretty. The eyelids are covered with a shimmering nude shadow. I used Laura Mercier Stellar Eye Shadow. And then using Black Ebony Cake Liner I lined the upper lash line and applied a single coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. The complexion was perfected using Laura’s “Flawless Face” techniques with foundation concealer and powder. Before the cheeks are powdered the lips are flushed with Blaze Crème Cheek Color. After the face is set with powder a second coat of blush is applied, this time using a powder formula in the shade Rose Bloom. The perfect lip color is always important to Sam. He and I tend to exchange a few emails regarding lip color. This time we agreed upon Currant Lip Color with the outer edges softened by blending away with my finger. Eye brows are then groomed keeping them soft but defined.
Photo by Daniel Gagnon 

This look turned out to be very simple but striking. It paired really nicely with the wind-frayed braids and huge soft hair that the hair team created for the show. Sam’s show was a beautiful and fresh way to start a really spectacular week of fashion.
Next week a recap of Avni’s warrior look!
Questions? Was there a look that you really loved? Is there a product you want to learn how to use? Are you stumped on how to master a certain technique?
Questions can be sent to Jessica@StyleWeekProvidence.com

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  1. This gave me some new ideas. I love that StyleWeek is having you blog about different makeup applications and products used to help create the look. Thanks for mapping it out so clearly.