May 2, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog- Joseph Aaron Segal

Joseph Aaron Segal creates really amazing garments. He specializes in knitwear and has the uncanny ability to design the most one of a kind special clothing with a big dash of whimsy. He used bold daring color palettes, and has quite a dynamic creative voice. I find this all quite amusing because Joseph is very reserved and has the gentlest presence. He clearly lets his work speak for him. He and I went back and forth quite a bit in attempting to create the ideal look for his runway show. Coming up with a look strong enough to stand with his designs that wouldn’t compete with the clothing can be quite a challenge. We eventually decided on a very flushed cheek that carried up onto the brow bone and across the bridge of the nose. With a bright flat white around the eye and a creamy white glossy lip.
Photo by Daniel Gagnon
Photo by Heidi Finn

Now obviously the way we executed this look on the runway is not exactly a classic day look. But it IS a look that with a few teensy tweaks can be completely wearable for everyone. This is something I really want to emphasize. So often we look at images from runway shows and editorial shoots; and while we may love the images, we write them off as to out there to be wearable. We are missing out on a great opportunity. Take the feel of a look, and the colors, and translate them into something you would love wearing! This look is a perfect example.

  1. Start by priming your skin with foundation primer. Then apply the lightest foundation you feel comfortable wearing. Most women are beautiful in a tinted moisturizer.
  2. Conceal any blemishes with a secret camouflage, and dark circles with a concealer.
  3. Set complexion with a loose translucent powder using a puff.
  4. Prime your eye lids with eye shadow primer. Tight line the lash line with a dark blue cake liner. And then dust a flat white shadow on the lid concentrating on the lash line and blending it softly up to the crease.
  5. Curl eye lashes and apply a coat on lengthening mascara.
  6. Groom brows with a brow powder and brush.
  7. Now apply Rose Bloom blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend out into the hair line. Be generous. This look is all about a beautiful flushed cheek. Everything else is soft and fresh.
  8. Line your lips very softly with a lip pencil that matches your lip color, most women will used Naked or Hazelnut Tea.
  9. Apply a generous coat of Platinum lip gloss.

This look is really so pretty, and so fresh. And the only thing that you are doing different from the show is the placement of the blush. Same colors as the show just a different way of seeing them. Be creative. Be bold. Be adventurous. And playing with this one is a very safe adventure. It is like riding the teacups not the Matterhorn.

Next weeks blog is going to be all about foundation, it’s application, and its numerous textures.
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