January 7, 2010

From Project Runway... to the StyleWeek Runway

We founded StyleWeek Providence out of a desire to celebrate the creative legacy and design talent in Providence; Rhode Island; and the entire region. Our goal is to promote both the designers and the amazing resources this area offers. And, while we have lined up an amazing roster of designers and partners already, today StyleWeek Providence added local celebrity (or soon-to-be-celebrity!) Jonathan Joseph Peters, a fashion designer that truly epitomizes our reason for being.

Peters is a Rhode Island native and, while you may not already know this talented womenswear designer (a House of Cach veteran), you soon will... as he is a Season 7 participant in the wildly popular Project Runway (premiering on January 14). Peters combines the avant-garde and ready-to-wear in his collections, which beautifully reflect his commitment to the silhouette via color, texture and balance.

Peters will showcase his collection on the StyleWeek runways in June. We hope you'll be with us to see his amazing work (below)! In the meanwhile, tune in to Project Runway to get a sneak peek at why we are so thrilled to have him as part of this fabulous event.

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