January 2, 2010

Happy 2010... the inaugural year of Providence's first major fashion week!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve, and is ready for an amazing 2010!

The StyleWeek Providence team could not be more excited about 2010, as it marks the inaugural year for what will be a fashion and design tradition, both in New England and anywhere else people are interested in the style: StyleWeek Providence--a week-long celebration of the best emerging (and established) fashion and accessory designers. Sure, many cities have their own little fashion celebrations... and, of course, major fashion capitals like New York have their fantastic Fashion Weeks. So, what is so special about Providence, R.I.? Well, aside from being the creative capital of the America's most historic region, Providence (accurately known as the Renaissance City), is one of the country's most gorgeous and vibrant cities, is long home of the esteemed RISD (est. 1877), and is a traditional hot-bed for artists of various mediums.

StyleWeek Providence celebrates the area's tradition and culture... our designers represent the wider New England region, and our venues are the finest to be found in the Northeast. The week will include runway shows from not-to-be-missed fashion and accessory designers, after-hour parties at the city's best clubs, and events to support local non-profit charities. At its root, however, StyleWeek Providence focuses on commerce and community... our goal is to build business: for talented designers, by encouraging retailers to buy local; and for fantastic venues, by hosting events across the region. Finally, with a broad-based outreach, we aim to generate enthusiasm and recognition--among businesses and the public alike--for the wealth of design and creative talent to be found in Providence, New England's creative capital.

We hope you'll check out our newly-launched website and give us a shout if you are interested in attending or exhibiting.

Meanwhile, best wishes for a happy, healthy and stylish New Year!

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