March 7, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog-Karen Beebe's "Lucille" collection

This was my second show with Karen. She is a really cool woman with great vision. And she had a very specific look in mind for this show. This was one of our more theatrical looks, with really strong eyes and lips. It was really cool to see something so striking against Karen’s soft romantic designs.
Photo By Daniel Gagnon

 Something this bold may be a tad intense in real life. But it is very easily softened to wear in the real world. For the show we took the look to extremes; copper shadow solid up to the brow, no blush, strong red lip, dark defined brow. In today’s breakdown I am going to write out how to make this look wearable for every day.

Start by applying Burnished Copper crème metallic shadow lash to crease using a crème shadow brush. While the shadow is still creamy, pack on Copper sequin eye shadow, pushing it into the crème. Using a clean shadow finishing brush, buff the lid and crease to create a softer finish. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of thickening mascara.  Even out the skin with a tinted moisturizer (illuminating tinted moisturizer would be really pretty with this look), and conceal any spots and under eye circles. Instead of no blush like what we did for the show, apply a nude cream blush like Praline onto the apples and along the contours of the cheeks. Give a light dusting of translucent powder to the entire face just to set the makeup, but not too much as to make the skin look matte. Then for the lips, either go with the Truly Red lip color that we used, which I will always love; and wear it, boldly and confidently. Or if you are feeling a little more low key use a sheer lip color that will make your lips look like you just ate cherries. I love Laura’s new Gel lip colors for this, and Sweet Cherry couldn’t be more perfect. You don’t need to be a runway model to make this look work. These colors are super wearable for most skin tones. And the techniques used can easily be adapted to other color families as well.
Photo By Daniel Gagnon

The most important thing that we all need to remember about makeup is that it is okay to play. Most of us begged our moms to let us wear it when we were little girls. Then somewhere along the way many of us decided that makeup was obligatory work and we forgot how wonderful it can make us feel. Some evening when you are staying in, pull out the box where you keep all the colors that you never use, pour yourself a cocktail, and play. It washes off. There is no scary commitment. You may discover that you look brilliant in red lipstick, or that you totally can rock a smoky eye. But you never know unless you try. And playing with makeup is a risk any of us can take. And all of us should.

Have fun, play dress up, and send your questions to

Next week I will write about the intensely sexy look from Samuel Vartan’s show.

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