March 28, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog-Kelly Eident, I'm Your Present

This was the second show I have done with Kelly Eident. Kelly’s “I’m Your Present” line has quite a cult following. It also has an undeniable sweetness and sense of whimsy that is really fun to create makeup looks for. Kelly is remarkably easy to work with. So easy that I sometimes find myself second guessing my creations for her.

She will give me a description of what she is looking for, it is always very clear. She will often send a couple inspiration images, and then it is in my hands. I will come up with something. Take a few photos of the look I design and send them to her. And that’s it. It’s that easy. See what I mean? Nothing runs that smoothly. But Kelly’s shows do. She is very quiet. And she always seems to have the sweetest smile on her face. She is young but looks even younger, I would bet people underestimate her often. Perhaps that is why I am always so surprised of the smoothness of her shows. That kind of smoothness typically only comes from decades of experience. Clearly don’t let the whimsy and sweetness fool you, she is a professional.

Photo by Daniel Gagnon
The look for this year was one that I was beyond excited to execute. She asked for an icy look. Her clothes had kind of Czarist Russian touch, mixed with a Scandinavian element, and a whole lot of magic. The only specific requests I was given were icy without being blue or silvery (which can be tougher than it sounds I discovered), and there needed to be liner and false eyelashes. A request I am always more than happy to honor.

This look is really super fun to apply and if a full face of shimmer is too much for your real life, try just the eyes or just the cheeks sometime. It is just so pretty, and kind of feels like fingerpaints for grown ups (though how grown up I may be is purely subjective).
Original Trial Look

For much of this look we used Laura Merciers shimmer blocks. We used the original on the eyes and the pink on the rest of the face. 

I love this look. The models were beautiful. If pink is too sweet for you try a peach mosaic. If your skin is darker toned you can also try the golden mosaic. This look is particularly fun for any evening where you may be going out and wearing a party dress.
Photo by Daniel Gagnon

Next week I will tell you about Jennifer Greeke’s Harpy collection and her classic movie star makeup.
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