April 18, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog- Jessica Abernethy

Jessica Abernethy is easily one of my favorite designers. I love her silhouettes, her color palettes, and most especially her attention to detail. She is meticulous. I love her clothes!
She also has easily given me my all time favorite makeup request for a look for a show. She sent me an email requesting “Winter Safari Zsa Zsa Gabor”. I literally squealed when I saw that. Visions of Green Acres (I know that was Eva) mixed with Dr. Zhivago (Julie Christie) danced in my head. I was so excited to start working on her look. Heck I am excited to work on her look for August and I don’t even know what she wants yet! Jessica looks at the world through eyes I wouldn’t mind sharing. I always fall in love with her visions. And I am honored that I get to contribute to that vision.

Jessica and I met up to play with colors in person. We came up with a classic Hollywood defined smoky eye, and a deep sultry red lip. I was so thrilled with how this look translated onto the models. Their hair was rolled into soft curls piled on top of their head and then wrapped in white turban-like head wraps. The hair team really hit it out of the park. The clothes were soft and feminine but tailored perfectly. The final product was absolutely gorgeous.
by Daniel Gagnon

This look is gorgeous on the runway but also translates beautifully in real life. It is a strong day look for some of us, and a dramatic evening look for others. But it is completely wearable for everyone! You just can’t beat old Hollywood glamour.
by Daniel Gagnon

1. Mix together appropriate eye base with Platinum Crème Metallic. Apply evenly lash to brow.
2. Place the lightest color from the Orchid Mosaic from lash to brow with a soft eye shadow brush.
3. Tight line the lash line with Black Cake Liner.
4. Define the lash line and outer corner of the eye with Deep Night shadow. Using the same shadow line the lower lash line with a smudge brush.
5. Prime skin. Even out complexion with foundation, and secret camouflage. Set with loose setting powder with puff.
6. Conceal under eyes, and set with Secret Brightening powder.
7. Define brows with brow powder keeping the arch soft and round.
8. Place Violet Orchid blush on apples of Cheeks. Then swirl a finishing brush into Orchid Mosaic and dust on the high points on the face.
9. Apply false lashes, and a generous coat of mascara top and bottom.
10. Line and fill the lips with Very Cherry pencil. Then apply Bing Cherry Lip Color to the lips.

Bing Cherry is one of my most favorite lip colors ever. It is one of the most universally wearable lipsticks ever. Definitely try this lip color out.
by Daniel Gagnon

Next week I will be writing about Andrea Valentini’s rocker chic smoky eye! 
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  1. All of them are so beautiful and colour full too,The real sense of style and fashion is all your post and I loved it.