April 5, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog-Jennifer Greeke, Harpy

I first met Jennifer Greeke at the photoshoot StyleWeek Providence had arranged with RI monthly with a number of the designers. I must have walked by her about 4 times before I realized she wasn’t one of the models and was actually a designer. She is stunningly pretty, with sandy blonde hair and a flawless bone structure. Jennifer has a background in film costume departments, and an amazing eye for detail. Her designs are incredibly feminine while remaining bold and strong. Jennifer's collection consists of beautiful silhouettes with flame-like patterns and clean bright lines. One of the most memorable dresses for me was a dazzling white cocktail dress with black netting draped across it, a perfect blend of ladylike grace with a deconstructed edginess.
photo by Daniel Gagnon

When it came to developing a makeup look for her show she wanted something that worked with her designs but wouldn’t compete with them. The inspiration images she sent me were classic Hollywood glamour. We developed a look that was universally flattering on every woman; which makes it extra exciting to share today, because it is one of the most real-life wearable looks shown that week. It is a look that works on all skin tones, and is easy to apply even for the novice.
photo by Daniel Gagnon

Photo By Hilary Block

Like I mentioned this look is universally wearable. Depending on your chosen outfit and accessories this look can very easily be worn with anything from a party dress to a pair of jeans and a sweater. I personally think all women should venture into the world of red lipstick every now and then. Treat it like an accessory and not makeup. Let your lips be a bright jewel for your face!

Jennifer’s show was a pleasure to watch and to be a part of. I am so excited to see what she has in store for us this summer!

Next week I will be telling you all about Phillip Sawyer’s show. Send your questions and requests to Jessica@StyleWeekProvidence.com

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