April 11, 2011

Monday Beauty Blog- Philip Sawyer

I first met Anh Vu Sawyer (wife and creative voice of Philip Sawyer) when she came to my home to discuss the makeup look for the StyleWeek show. She is easily one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We had an instant rapport, and my dogs adored her (and that is a very big deal to me). She is the kind of person you can find yourself losing time with chatting without ever running out of things to discuss. The downside to this is as I have mentioned in previous blogs I put more pressure on myself when I care about the people I am working for. The pressure increases when it is someone I admire like Anh. Anh is a really special lady; the kind of person who lights up a room just by entering it. She is an accomplished author, as well as designer. It was really important to me to make sure that her look was just what she wanted.

 She asked for a stronger more avant guard look; bold and clean, but without overshadowing the clothes. The look that we came up with was very minimal: matte skin, with a defined brow and then a straight line of black under the eyes out to the temples, and a shimmering sequin blue under the eyes and across the tops of the cheek bones.

 At the last minute Anh decided she wanted a pink lip for the female models. And so we added Rosewater with Rose glace. It actually softened the look some which made it mesh nicely with Anh’s very feminine sillohuettes.
Photo by Daniel Gagnon

I figured since this look is not exactly real world friendly, but the colors are, that I would show an adaptation of this look for real life. I used all the same colors but just moved them around to be more wearable for the average person.
Real Life version puts the color on the lid instead of the  cheekbones, and a soft flushed cheek

This is a perfect example of how you can take an intense runway look and adjust it to something you can wear to the office or dinner. Look to the runway for color inspiration. Learn to experiment with techniques. But do it in a way that keeps you from getting a little too Gaga for the workplace.

Next week I will talk about Jessica Abernethy’s ultra glamorous makeup. Send your questions to Jessica@styleweekprovidence.com

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